Moqui framework and ERP application

Moqui is a relatively new framework which started being added in Github the beginning of 2016 However it can be assumed the actual start would be at least a couple of years earlier, so probaly 2013. The moqui book was published in 2014.

This framework is kind of the successor of Apache Ofbiz. Did you ever do a software project twice? The second time you sure will not make the same errors and now use the experience of the first project!

Currently the Moqui system is supported by a number of expert programmers and companies.

Moqui's features are very extensive but initially focussed on E-Commerce, not only the frontend (check the REST version), but esspecially the backend with warehouse, picking and packing for sales , but also purchase and returns. Manufacturing and CRM are part of the package.

A detailed feature list can be found here.....

Before you want to run the system locally, you need to be sure to have Java version 8 JDK installed, either from Oracle, or the open JDK version .

There are basically two versions of the system to download.

If you just wan to try, download the latest binary version or if you want to run from source the latest release or latest version. check the quickstart for more information.

There are several google groups to discuss anbout Moqui, also the git updates are logged there:

  1. Google groups: Moqui Applications
  2. Google groups: Moqui Ecosystem
  3. LinkedIn: Moqui

Apache OFBIZ framework and ERP application