Mobile app. using Moqui/OFBiz as backend

How to manage your incoming restaurant orders coming from a table location , to be prepared at a preparation location according your menu consisting of products organized by categories?

Want to keep track of your customers by making them a member and identify them at ordering time by a telephone number or member id? Send them promotions to keep them coming?

Just use the devices you already have: tablets and phones. Optionally use a receipt printer currently for under 200$ and supported by the app.

This mobile app uses a backend called Moqui (, an open source ERP system. We intend to extend the current APP with purchasing so accounting will be fully automatic!

The usage is free for up to 2 users per company, more users will need a subscription which has a trial period of 7 days, if you cancel within this period, you will not be charged. Check the upgrade option within settings


  • Native on IOS and Android
  • Using OFBiz/Moqui as backend
  • Single code base for IOS and Android
  • Multi company on Single backend

Your own App?

  • Example to demo
  • Quickly created
  • Using Nativescript-vue
  • Can register in store