How a simple product entry screen can look like.

Why we created GrowERP?

To get started with any complex ERP is either for an end-user or developer not easy. The GrowERP system allows both end-users and developers to get started quickly with a professional ERP using GrowERP add-ons, hosting and services, all build on top of the latest release of Moqui or Apache OFBiz. As the name suggests one can start very simple with the basic system or even just mobile and upgrade anytime without data conversion to the full version of Moqui or Apache OFBiz which is freely available for download from the Internet.

Open Source

Free to download, customize and run on your own laptop.

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All help you need

Free help is available at our linkedin Group, we provide commercial help and make your installation a success.

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PC and Mobile

All applications can be used on a PC, some just on a mobile device, an example app you can find at our mobile page

Professional hosting

We have dedicated servers to also host your installation which your customized system where required.

Fixed price service contracts

For a fixed monthly fee we will make sure your installation is kept operational and provide a fixed number of hours support.

Easy to Customize

We can, or we can teach you to customize the system to your special needs in such a way that upgrading can be done at any time.